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Card Reader Cleaning Cards Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs, Terms and Conditions

1. Why do I need to clean the ‘Chip & Pin’ / SmartCard Card Reader?

  • Tests have shown that 80% of failed transactions are due to dirt on the sensitive contact points inside the card reader.  Keeping the Pin Pad terminal clean will ensure that customer’s transactions work first time, every time.

2. How often should I clean the ‘Chip & Pin’ / SmartCard Card Reader?

  • The Pin Pad / Terminal device should be cleaned on a regular basis as part of a Preventative Maintenance program.  Clean the device once-per-week.  If a customer’s card fails to read – clean the terminal immediately using the approved SmartCard cleaning card part no: CC-Smart50.

3. What would happen if I don’t clean the ‘Chip & Pin’ / SmartCard Card Reader?

  • Over time contaminants such as moisture, dust, and debris from human contact will build up the card contact points, thermal print head etc.  This can cause printer failure and can result in the customer’s Credit / Debit card failing to be recognised by the terminal.  A regular Preventative Maintenance clean using our specially developed cleaning card & wipe will ensure that your transactions will work first time – every time.

4. Where can I purchase replacement cleaning cards or wipes?

5. How do I clean a ‘Chip & Pin’ or SmartCard Reader with the cleaning card?

  • Insert the cleaning card into the device as if it was a Credit Card.  Slide the card in and out 3- 4 times, remove the cleaning card then turn it around to repeat the process to provide a thorough clean on the contact points, guide paths etc inside the device. Part no: CC-Smart50

6. How do I clean ‘Chip & Pin’ or SmartCard Reader or Thermal Printer with the cleaning wipe?

  • Open the device & remove the receipt paper roll.  Carefully wipe the Thermal Print head a few times with the cleaning wipe to remove all contaminants such as moisture, dust & grease etc.  Replace the receipt paper roll and close the device.  The cleaning wipe may also be used to clean the outside of the device of any dirt or grease. Part no:CW-Techwipe.

7. Should I use a patented cleaning card?

  • Don’t believe all the waffle (waffle: “verbose but empty or aimless talk or writing”. Oxford English dictionary) you read about the technology of patented cleaning cards!  Patented cleaning cards are not required for most transaction equipment such as SmartCard ‘Chip & Pin’, Thermal / Label printers, Magnetic Swipe readers etc.
  • Some patented SmartCard reader cleaning cards are much shorter than proper sized cleaning cards, and are not suitable for Motorised card readers.
  • In fact some patented cleaning cards on the market may actually damage the equipment as they may dramatically increase the cleaning pressure on the sensitive read heads inside the device, which are designed to receive a ‘flat’ card (i.e. like a credit card).
  • Patented cleaning cards can only be manufactured by one company – the company that holds the patent, so if you are a Distributor and introduce a patented card to your customers …

8. What should I do if my device does not read a customer’s Credit / Debit card?

  • If  a customers Credit / Debit card does not read properly it is most likely caused by contaminants such as dirt, moisture etc on the contact terminals inside the device.  In the event of a read failure clean the device immediately as per point 4 above.

9. How should I dispose of the cleaning card / wipe after use?

  • There are no special requirements for the disposal of the SmartCard reader cleaning card or wipe.  Dispose of any used cards or wipes in a manner which will not pollute the environment.

10. What is the cleaning card made from?

  • Our cleaning cards are made from a special polyester-based material developed specifically to clean the equipment without causing damage.  The card is then saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and sealed in a leak-proof pouch.  The card has been developed with & tested by Major OEMs.

11. What is the cleaning wipe made from?

  • Our cleaning wipe is made from special lint-free polyester based material developed specifically to clean the equipment without causing damage.  The wipe is then saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and sealed in a leak-proof pouch.  The wipe has been developed with & tested by Major OEMs.

12. What is IPA?

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is an industry standard cleaning liquid used to clean electrical & electronic devices.  IPA is used because it is very effective & will quickly evaporate without leaving any residues.